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The Green ManHerbal Apothecary is based on the old Apothecary shop, where the individual may consult with me and gain access to remedies for both acute and chronic conditions. 

6 High Street

Upton upon Severn


01684 439360


The strength of my approach lies in taking the time to fully listen to your case.

Chronic conditions are treated through consultation and a holistic approach that takes into consideration the factors that make up the human condition such as diet, lifestyle and emotional blocks. I acknowledge dis-ease as an individual expression that is best treated by balancing those aspects and resolving the underlying cause, rather than merely suppressing symptoms

. A large part of the treatment is achieved through the application from a range of about 120, mostly western, herbs, taking into consideration not only their biochemical constituents, but also their nature, temperament and character in respect of the individual patient.

Herbs are administered in the form of tinctures, capsules, creams, ointments, syrups and dried herbal mixtures for infusions or decoctions. Bach Flower Remedies are also employed where unresolved emotional states impede recovery.

An initial consultation takes up to around 2 hours. Subsequent consultations are up to an hour. The depth and severity of the condition will determine the length of treatment, as will age, compliance and the individual constitution.

Drop In Days 

During these hours you might find me mixing a cream, blending a herbal tea or making capsules. It is a time I set aside for you to drop in and ask advice, consult and gain access to remedies for acute conditions as well as book longer appointments for more chronic conditions.

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