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Below is the testimonial of a patient who presented with the orthodox diagnosis of IBS. It has been a pleasure to work with this patient who has been receptive to ideas and went the full mile. The rewards speak for themselves. It is the most rewarding part of this job to help someone back to a quality of life again. And I am always grateful to be given the chance to

play a role in that process.

"I discovered Jeremy about 2.5yrs ago and i am so pleased that i did, as not only has he changed my health around but he has taught me to think of my ailment in a completely different way, which i am convinced has helped me overcome it. I considered myself of suffering from IBS and it had gotten to the point that i was unable to leave my home for days at a time. In a nutshell, it took control of my life and became almost debilitating. I had been to the doctors and were told there was nothing they could do for me but that i was [to] look at my diet and take over the counter preparations (which only masked the problem). Jeremy taught me to not label myself but to look at my emotional well being as part of my healing process. It certainly has been quite a journey and i accepted that there would be setbacks throughout, but i realised that i was always progressing in the right direction. He looks at tackling the cause by going back to the beginning and not just focusing on the symptoms. It is an interesting and sensible approach of looking at ill health, because all problems have a beginning and that is the trigger. Jeremy is patient and explains what is happening to your body throughout treatment. It has been a total eye opener for me. I consider myself to be open minded and embrace new ways of thinking, which certainly aided my transition to better health. His tinctures are pleasant tasting and with commitment and perseverance i am pleased to say that i have overcome my situation (no labels :-)) and i now live a more carefree life. Thanks goes out to Jeremy, whom i couldn't recommend enough." Ms. D


"Mr. Griffiths takes a very holistic approach to treating people. He gives clear explanations as to how the mind and general demeanour can have adverse effects on health and how mind and body are linked when it comes to overall wellbeing. He gives clear explanations of how the therapies will work and what to expect. I benefitted greatly from his treatments and would recommend him to anyone." S.P.


Testimonial 25.1.18

The patient presented with multiple skin conditions and Anxiety relating to specific causes.

"Whilst it is true that many ‘alternative therapists’ take the time to get to know their patients; Jeremy has a gift for really listening. To both what is said and what is not said. From first consultation and at subsequent visits there is a sense of the whole of you being treated. What one initially attends with, perhaps heavy periods and tiredness are looked at in context. Layers are peeled away, rather as one would an onion skin to reveal other aspects that may require your attention and Jeremy’s herbal assistance. Food diaries; Bach flower remedies can work alongside the herbs to allow healing in the. very real sense of the word."

Fibromyalgia, Anxiety, Dysmenhorria , Back Pain.


 26th July, 2014

This is a case of a patient who had been suffering an annoying, persistent,cough that seemed to be quite common this winter. Naturally, any long standing cough should be investigated as it may present as a symptom of some other deeper problem.


You sir, are a genius! Your (Green Man Elecampane Plus) syrup stopped it in nearly 24 hrs. Cough is now under control and I seem to be on the mend.

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