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The Multi-Faceted Face of Nature

Thank you for your comments Mr G. 

There seems to be, in my opinion, a mis-guided view that we are only productive and gaining when we are physically active.  However, I have shown in the treatment of many of my patients that productivity actually increases when we take regular time out to recharge the batteries.  Nature touches us on a very fundamental level.  I advise a minimum half hour walk three times a week to begin with.  This should be done alone in a natural setting....As you walk along you will find that the inital turmoil of the mind soon gives way to the sights,sounds and smells of the surrounding area.  When we take regular time to give to ourselves in such a way, we also give to those around us by finding more patience, calm and energy to deal with the things that life throws at us.  So nature can heal us in many ways...not just on a material bio-chemical level, but also on a emotional and spiritual level through contemplation and exposure to the natural world.

The Green Man

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