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The First Batch of Pot Marigold!

My first batch of Pot Marigold undergoing the traditional Herbalist's process....From the garden, to the basket and onto the tray ready for drying.

Pot Marigolds can also be used fresh in compresses or made into ointments.

Of course it is always good to start drying a quantity of your harvest to see you through the winter.

Pot Marigolds bloom throughout the summer and into the autumn  (strangely when the bees have long gone to bed....but that is because they are not native and arrived here from warmer climates).  If the winter is not harsh they can survive through into the spring.  This batch of flowers has come from plants that were growing last year.

The Pot Marigold is a prolific producer of flowers and six plants should meet your modest needs.

In the next post I will be looking at our first case history....I just could not help sharing this with you as the Pot Marigold is one of my favourite herbs and never fails to lift my spirits, with its golden-orange flowers, each time I see it.  Pot Marigold is linked to the fire element...specifically in the form of the sun. It is warming and healing.

Health and Happiness

The Green Man

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