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In the beginning

     Well this is my first go at a blog on here...I have been holding back trying to come up with something profound and accompanied by claps of thunder and the crescendo of a dramatic symphony....but at the end of the day it is just as good to wade in and get on with it and see how it takes on a life of its own.  So I thought I would focus on my herb walk coming up on the 22nd of June (see events page on this site).  If I do anything of this nature I have to ask myself what is my motivation?  Why should people want to know about herbs?  Well, I have seen the end result when we open ourselves up to the natural world...and what richness it can bring to our lives.

     A number of years ago a young man in his twenties came to my clinic for treatment.  Like so many people who find their way to me for treatment, he was at a stage in his life where he was pivoting at the point of a new direction in his life.  all he needed was the right push. 

     After each consultation I used to take him outside and introduce him to one of the plants in my herb garden that was being used in his herbal mixture.  As his knowledge grew, it opened a new world up for him.  He told me, one day, that before these introductions he used to come out of his door in the morning and just see green (which, as my favourite colour, is a pretty good start to the day!)...but as his knowledge of the local plant world grew the green took on more complexity, which brought with it a new excitement and wonder in his life...and a new found hunger to learn more about the world he lived in.  The world had not changed... the way he saw it had...Is this not the biggest step to contentment and health?  In the end he went on to train to be a survival skills well as going to live a year amongst a tribe of Native Americans in america...surviving through extreme cold  in a simple self-made shelter.  We are not all capable of such dramatic leaps.  Our present position and commitments on our journey through life often offers us less scope for such radical change...but there is scope none the less.  

    The spirit of The Green Man is out there in the natural world for each and every one of you...waiting patiently for you to draw nearer.  With each step that you take you will find calmness and empowerment.  A whole new world will open up for you within a world you thought you knew...and a greater sense of closeness to the area you live in will develop.  Take the time to make  that connection with the natural world again...It is the first step to a new understanding of health and happiness. 


Health and Happiness to you all

The Green Man

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