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Holistic Case History Series

     As my website has drawn more and more interest, I have attracted new friends from further afield.  Although the highest level of interest, shown by visitors to the site, is in my regular Friends of the Green Man Blog, I have noticed a significant growing interest in my Testimonials page.  People seem fascinated by knowing exactly how I have helped someone in my capacity as a herbalist.  Sadly, in spite of being in practice for over a decade, and having been involved with using herbs medically since the 1980s,  my more recent patients ( those I have treated since I set up the website) seem too shy to pen a testimonial for me....despite endless promises.  However, many of my patients have offered, over the years, to allow me to use their case histories ( anonymously...or at least with just their initials).

     In the new series I will be presenting some of my most interesting cases from a holistic perspective and illustrating the natural healing process that this approach can unlock.

     If you are looking for a set formula or a super herb to use on a specific will not find it here.  The holistic approach treats every case as unique...and no one treatment will be exactly the same, either in its approach or in the herbs employed as part of the overall treatment.

     Some of these cases took months, a few even years, to bring to a full conclusion, a result that other medical approaches were not able to achieve over equal or lengthier periods of time.    I will present each history in a condensed form and give special focus to herbs and techniques that are vital to the individual case.  Given the complexity of the conditions...each case history will be presented in a serial form over a number of weeks. 

     I hope you will be able to join me...and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you over the coming series.

     Health and Happiness

     The Green Man 

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