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Herb Walk at Pitland Farm

     On Sunday 12th of April a modest group braved the brisk winds to attend my herb walk at Pitland Farm, Clifton on Teme, Worcestershire.

     Although early in the year, there was an abundance of things to see and I was able to use new growth as well as dried old growth from last year to aid in identifying wild herbs as well as explain the Doctrine of Signatures. 

     We looked a the little tubers growing on the roots of Pilewort (yellow flowered herb seen below).  

     I explained my idea of "the wind shadow" to help understand the energetics and nature of Stinging Nettle.

     Last years growth along with freshly emerging leaves were used to identify and explain the medical application of Figwort.

     A number of the group braved the tasting of some of the wild herbs.  The bitter Burdock leaf was too much for most....although Richard was willing to give it a go.  Many more found the almost minty taste of the Ground Ivy (pictured near the bottom of  the page) much more palatable.

     An early walk like this supports the idea that interacting with wild herbs in your area is an all year round event.  It is important to get out and map the various herbal environments....and to walk them throughout the seasons to better fully understand their nature.

     Thank you to Maggie for taking pictures of me as I waffle.  Thank you to Wendy for making the tea...Thank you to Julia of Purethyme for getting things rolling and promoting the event...and Thank you to Diane and Ian at Pitlands Farm for offering me a  fine venue, for promoting the event and allowing us the use of your activity room.

     Thank you to those who attended....I enjoyed your company and hope that I have inspired you to get out in the woods and fields to unravel more of the mysteries of the world of The Green Man.

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