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Fraud Inquiry

     Subsequent to my most recent post it has been brought to my attention that the British Newspaper..The Daily Telegraph has published an article today entitled Drug companies accused of overcharging NHS face fraud inquiry.  It seems my concerns are not those of a lone mad herbalist in the wilderness!  The article is written by Ben Bryant, Claire Newell and Holly Watt.  For those of you interested in reading something that backs up my concerns you will find the article on page 4.  Alternatively (what an appropriate word at this moment...haha) you can see the article on line.
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follow this link on 27 September 2013 15:42
Yeah, I've seen the article. Thanks by the way for informing us. I've been following this topic not just because I'm a pharmacy student but also because it interests me to see these people doing it and getting caught in the end.
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The Green Man on 28 September 2013 15:58
Thank you for your comment. I believe that within the orthodox medical community there are, without a doubt, people with integrity. I have spoken to many of them. I also believe there are proceedures and drugs that save lives. I also know that there are proceedures and drugs that would not be necessary, in many cases if orthodox medicine was willing to be educated in methods outside of the limitations it has created for itself. I know this for a fact because I have dealt with many such cases and facilitated an improvement or a cure after years of no other option than drug therapy. The same achievements have been duplicated by many I know in my profession. The attempts by those in the orthodox medical and pharmaceutical industry to deny these achievements becomes a sad farce....and it is the patients that suffer needlessly in the end. It brings shame on those with integrity, within these disciplines, who wish to do the best for humanity. As you are a student of pharamacy I believe you are motivated by a pride in what you do and what it can do for others....How do people get derailed from this somewhere along the way? To have such investigations as mentioned in the newspaper article must only bring more frustration to you and your fellow students. Likewise, in my profession we are ever vigilant for those who might bring our name into disrepute. The patient must always come first...and I believe communication between disciplines is the way forward. You are the future of pharmacy and many lives will be affected by which way you decide to take it....Thank you once again for taking the time to add to my blog. health and Happiness The Green Man

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