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Herb Walk at Pitland Farm

     On Sunday 12th of April a modest group braved the brisk winds to attend my herb walk at Pitland Farm, Clifton on Teme, Worcestershire.
     Although early in the year, there was an abundance of things to see and I was able to use new growth as well as dried old growth from last year to aid in identifying wild herbs as well as explainthe Doctrine of Signatures
     We looked a the little tubers growing on the roots ofPilewort(yellow flowered herb seen below).

The Green Man.....In The Field. (Part 1)

     The last few days have been glorious sunshine.  Even today, although raining, felt warm and spring-like.  This is sometimes hard to comprehend when some of the forecast temperatures are still quite low.  It may sound strange, but I think this may have much to do with the growing light.  Certainly, the effect of the growing days has a significant influence on awakening the developing plants just like the increase in temperature. It is these influences that cause a stir in me to start looking about at what is coming up.

Essentially Holistic

The vibrant powdered herbs, seen in the picture on the left, are being blended specifically for one patient.  No other patient is receiving the same formula.  Essentially, unlike conventional medicine, holistic medicines specifically fit the individual patient needs rather than the patient having to fit the patent formula of the medicine. This may explain one of the reasons why our patients are not haunted by a list of side-effects.
     another consideration is, I am using whole powdered herbs.

The Green Man's Home Herbal Tuition

The Green Man's Herbal Basket

Home Herbal Tuition 

Here is an example of the first month's send out for the quarterly home herbal course starting in December. Each month you will receive four sample remedies with your tuition, including instruction on how to make them as well as information about the plants involved and other interesting facts about herbalism. The tuition is designed to empower you with the knowledge to make your own herbal remedies. In time you will be able to build up your own home herbal remedy cabinet made from plants you have grown or foraged.

We Must Be Doing Something Good If They Have To Resort To This!

This information has come to me via my professional body. It seems, from what is here, that attempts where made to fabricate information with respect to the safety of herbal medicine. Information, which was later used as the basis for the EU legislating THMPD. Those responsible do not serve the public interest and would appear to have misused their position of authority and trust. If you cry wolf too often...soon no one will listen anymore.
I am not surprised by this at all. It seems information was fabricated to excuse our involvement in Iraq.

The Influence of The Elements in Disease

I have been out collecting the abundant supply of damsons. These are scheduled to sit in my freezer until I have sufficient time to begin the process of making wine from them.
On a medical note Mrs. Grieve, in her famous book A Modern Herbal, tells us that the bark is styptic and the fruit is used for its astringency in cases of diarrhoea. This reference made me start thinking about the diverse ways holistic practitioners understand and prescribe for a case being treated.

The Importance of Emotions in Chronic Disease

I was watching the interview of a university trained herbalist yesterday. As part of the presentation he was explaining his considerations when taking a patient history. It all sounded very familiar as he started listing the aspects that warrant investigation when considering a holistic treatment......Lifestyle.....Diet.......and then he stopped! The silence was deafening as I anticipated his utterance of the last of the holy triad of holistic healing. I have repeated these over and over again for so many years it has become like a religious mantra.

Menstrual problems...Is it natural to suffer?

While going through a patient's progress recently it reminded me of how many cases of menstrual complications I have come across over the years and how many have been resolved using a holistic approach.
The number of such cases is so wide spread in the west that it has become endemic to the point of being accepted as a normal part of life, and of being a woman. It is not! As a practitioner taking a history, I have come across scores of women who experience a very light, short and pain free period each month.

Blending For A Holistic Approach

The picture shows herbal powders I am blending into capsules for a patient presenting with, among other things, type 2 diabetes. One of the benefits of this blend, as part of a wider holistic treatment, has been a fairly consistent and healthy degree of weight loss over the last month. Obesity is an important consideration in the balancing of patients presenting conditions like type 2 diabetes, but in itself can be a symptom of other imbalances. An investigation into diet, lifestyle and emotional conflicts is important.

The First Batch of Pot Marigold!

My first batch of Pot Marigold undergoing the traditional Herbalist's process....From the garden, to the basket and onto the tray ready for drying.
Pot Marigolds can also be used fresh in compresses or made into ointments.
Of course it is always good to start drying a quantity of your harvest to see you through the winter.
Pot Marigolds bloom throughout the summer and into the autumn  (strangely when the bees have long gone to bed....but that is because they are not native and arrived here from warmer climates).
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