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MEET THE HERB (part 1) 'Tis The Season.....To Take Elecampane
The Food Bank
The Socialisation of Medicine
Menstrual Problems....Is it natural to suffer?
The Courage of Healing
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MEET THE HERB (part 1) 'Tis The Season.....To Take Elecampane

(part 1)
Tis The Season….To Take Elecampane

     People going past the Apothecary will often stop and look in the window. Often their faces will light up with recognition of herb names or living plants that are presented there in various forms. However, after a brief glance, many will quickly move on because they are not familiar with the usage of the numerous herbs whose names they are confronted with.
     It is the goal of these new series of blogs to begin to bridge that gap in knowledge and bring you into an understanding of some of the herbs prescribed by herbalist, and in what conditions

The Food Bank

The Food Bank

On the back of my last blog “The Socialisation of Medicine”, which deals with bringing health issues out of institutions and back into the community, The Green Man Herbal Apothecary is now hosting as a Food Bank Collection Point for the Malvern Hills area.

There is too often a misconception as to the type of people needing to use a food bank. The truth of the matter is that such a need greatly reflects on the poor state of our society rather than on the individuals using the service.

The Socialisation of Medicine

The Socialisation of Medicine

In October of last year, one of the students I have been tutoring for a number of years graduated. This is a very proud moment for me that fills me with a massive amount of respect for that individual and their achievement. The demands of the course of study she has undertaken is not for the faint hearted.
When I think of all the students I have tutored over more than a decade, something stands out about each one of them. One of the things that grabbed my attention with respect to the recently graduated student was a question she answered in the first paper I marked for her.

Menstrual Problems....Is it natural to suffer?

My Blog
Menstrual problems...Is it natural to suffer?
The Green Man: Posted on 12 August 2014 11:54 (The date the Blog was first posted).

While going through a patient's progress recently it reminded me of how many cases of menstrual complications I have come across over the years and how many have been resolved using a holistic approach.
The number of such cases is so wide spread in the west that it has become endemic to the point of being accepted as a normal part of life, and of being a woman.

The Courage of Healing

The Courage of Healing

     A professional colleague of mine recently posted that true healing takes courage. This is very true. That which, to a great degree, is peddled as healing by orthodox medicine is in fact nothing of the sort because it sets itself a goal to control symptoms rather than treat the underlying cause that is the very source of those symptoms. This usually condems the patient to an endless course of drugs and a downward spiral as their vitality wains. In the short term, the former is convenient but without end, the later being the only true way to resolve the disease.

Seasonal: Indigestion/Heartburn

Natural First Aid For The Home (Heart Burn/Indigestion)
The Green Man: Posted on 25 November 2013 23:17
I thought the season was right to re-post this.  Happy Festivities!    

     With the coming indulgences, for many, of the Christmas season, and the celebration of the New Year, I thought it appropriate to touch on Heart Burn and Indigestion.  By dealing with this subject now, it leaves you plenty of time to stock- up on this natural remedy.

Embracing the Cycles of Life

Embracing The Cycles of Life

Some of you may be aware that the Autumn equinox has recently come and gone. This date would have had much more cultural significance a few hundred years ago as harmony with the seasons decided if you lived or died. The mile stones of the year informed us when it was time to plant and when it was time to harvest.
To remind themselves of the significant times of year, little rhymes sprung up to help them keep these dates foremost in their consciousness.
When I lived on and managed our small holding in Austria, the first warm days of spring were the harbingers of talk about the Eis Heilige, each mention was usually followed by some rhyme or other to give it a degree of validation.

The Layering of Disease

The Layering of Disease

Many of us have grown up within the Orthodox understanding of disease whereby, we go to our doctor with our list of symptoms. These symptoms are then used to match a disease profile as closely as possible. Once this match is successful then a diagnosis can be made and, subsequently, a treatment given. This treatment usually takes the form of pharmaceutical medicines. It could also require surgical intervention. In any case, the malady is standardised and treated in isolation.

Skin Conditions.....more than just skin deep

Skin complaints are among the commonest conditions to find their way to me for treatment.
Although skin conditions present themselves in many ways with many different labels, it is always important to treat the person with the complaint rather than the complaint itself. In this way it is possible to avoid artificially restricting the search for the cause and the subsequent solution.
     In many cases there will be an internal toxic element to the overall condition. Even in some cases of contact dermatitis, where a caustic factor is not involved, extreme toxicity can lead to a heightened sensitivity in the skin as well as the mucous membranes.

A Symptomatic Approach to a Chronic Condition will make you....A Slave to your Remedies.

A Symptomatic Approach to a Chronic Condition will make you....
A Slave to your Remedies.

I regularly get people coming into the apothecary asking me what herb can I recommend for a specific problem. In many of these cases the problem is an acute, one-off, condition. So, I consult with them briefly and offer them a solution that will support their body's own natural attempts to resolve its imbalance.
However, all too often, someone will come in asking for a simple, symptomatic, solution to what is obviously a chronic problem.
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