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"The patient's needs come first"

In holistic medicine, the patient-therapist relationship is a partnership. This means that the patient takes an active role in his/her treatment. This relationship is most successful when the patient is fully informed. To achieve this time is invested to create awareness of the natural patterns of healing as well as help them to understand where their unique imbalances lie. This fosters a clarity of focus with respect to where and why changes are required to facilitate the healing process.

The nature of the condition, individual vitality and adherence to the treatment plan will determine the length of treatment. Upon completion suggestions may be made on how to preserve or build on what we have achieved.

The first consultation can be booked by dropping by to The Green Man Herbal Apothecary during my drop-in hours Tuesday-Wednesday 12-5, Thursday 8-4, Friday 10-5 and Saturday 12-3 (refer to The Green Man Herbal Apothecary). Alternatively you may phone me or Email me using the information below.


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